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Patient Portal

TLC Patient Portal

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Don't have a Portal account? Read below for information on how to get started.
  • Want to have secure access to your child’s medical information 24/7?
  • Want to be able to view past and upcoming appointments?
  • Want to be able to do so much more?

If you answered yes to these questions then why not register for TLC’s patient portal today. Email (to be used for patient portal requests ONLY) or contact the office at (301) 352-6515 so we can get you set up with a user name/password to access your child’s medical information today. Once account has been activated you will be contacted by email or phone with your user name/password.

** As a reminder if you have more than one child, a separate account has to be made for each child.

Please note: The email that you provide will be the email used to register with TLC’s Patient Portal.

    • Update your phone numbers, addresses, e-mail addresses & emergency contact
    • Review dates/ times of all past and upcoming appointments
    • Receive appointment reminders via email
    • View all of your current and previous statements
    • Get vital signs from most recent appointment
    • Review results for many labs as soon as they are available including rapid strep tests, throat cultures, and urine cultures
    • Send a secure online question or message to the office (see note below) and get a response between normal business hours

Note: The use of online communication for patient related concerns is only for non- urgent and general guidance. Online communication will only be used by TLC Pediatrics to provide abbreviated and relatively short answers to patient questions, it should not be used as a substitute for more detailed advice. If you have a significant or ongoing concerns, please call the office. In case of an EMERGENCY dial 911.

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