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Our Services

Routine Physical Exams

We provide comprehensive physicals in a safe and fun environment. These physicals include a complete review of medical history, hearing, vision, depression, developmental and behavior screening as well as a Nutrition Evaluation.


Disease Prevention is the key to Public Health. Vaccines are the results of years of scientific studies. Vaccines prevent disease in people who receive them and protect those who come into contact with an unvaccinated individual. At TLC Pediatrics, we believe that vaccinating children is important in maintaining their health.

Urgent Care/Telehealth Visits

We know that Parents have busy schedule. At TLC Pediatrics, if your child is ill we have same day sick visit. We offer some expanded office hours as well as Telehealth visit. Ask about these services.

Lactation Services

Breastfeeding offers so many health benefits for Mom and baby that extend beyond basic nutrition. In addition to containing vitamins and nitrite your baby needs in the first 6 months, it is packed with disease-fighting substances that protect your baby. Having difficulties nursing? TLC Pediatrics is here to support you throughout your breastfeeding experiencing. Just ask!

Weight Loss Services

TLC currently has a weight management program called Mother’s and Daughters Teaching Lifestyle Changes (MDTLC) designed to teach healthier lifestyle option to adolescent girls as well as boys! Our team approach will help to set healthy goals for weight loss and help with monitoring and support. We include the whole entire family to join in making healthy behavior changes. Our Weight-loss plan for children will focus on 10 healthy lifestyle habits. Join us on this quest as we help in lower the obesity rate among our children. Ask about this services at our Front desk.

Learning & Attention Issues

At TLC Pediatrics, we know that all children learn differently. If your child is experiencing a learning and behavior issue, ask about our comprehensive behavior evaluation.

Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing is a medical procedure, so making sure it is performed properly is very important. Ear piercing carries the risk of very serious blood disease. We ensure proper hygiene and safety during your child’s ear piercing at TLC Pediatrics!!

Chronic Medical Care

TLC Pediatrics is here to care for illnesses as minor as a common cold and as serious as a Congenital Heart Disease.

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